Neighborhood Rediscovery

The Belief

We believe that neighborhoods should be special places where people can live in surroundings that are safe, comfortable, and accessible. We support this by providing guidances to people who want to live responsibly and respectfully in their surroundings as neighbors and involved citizens. 

We believe neighborhood revitalization begins locally with the owners and residents actively involved in creating and maintaining their property and contributing to a healthy community at large.

The Services

  • Assist in identifying and repurposing underutilized neighborhood residents, property, and resources.
  • Provide options for responsible home ownership and occupancy where people invest in themselves and put their resources toward improvement.
    • Serve as clearing house for information regarding financing, rehabbing, tax sale property, buying, renting, and selling properties in old Coffeyville
    • Assist in beautification efforts for residences
    • Coordinate lease purchase for buyers needing funding for 9th Street bungalows
  • Connect and leverage? neighborhood resources as part of the larger community. Encourage residents to take ownership for change from within themselves and their surroundings without becoming overly dependent on external resources.
    • Identify funding options for continuous neighborhood improvement.
    • Leverage lessons learned and experience in neighborhood revitalization to other neighborhoods
    • Utilize completed projects as examples for building confidence and engagement in initiating neighborhood change

The Goals

  • Established: 501(c)(3) with five board members
  • Established: Community garden at 1205 W. 9th St.
  • Established: Community orchard at 904 W 9th St.
  • In Progress: Community parklet at various 9th St. vacant lots
  • In Progress: Games and play parklet at 808
  • In Progress: Orchards in 1400 W. 9th St.
  • Achieved: Provide employment to 15 out of work or disabled residents (many of whom learned new skills)
  • Achieved: Assisted three residents begin service businesses
  • Submitted: AARP grant for two and a half mile marked walking trail from Walnut to Buckeye