Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coffeyville's Reawakening?

It is a grass roots initiative undertaken by a large and growing group of current and former Coffeyville residents who have deep ties to the community and who are working to reawaken the soul, spirit, and pride of this great town and the surrounding area.

What is the scope of Coffeyville's Reawakening?

It focuses on three areas of Coffeyville that have a wonderful history and great potential in the years ahead. The first is the revitalization of the historic downtown area – primarily 8th and 9th streets between Elm and Patterson. The second is the restoration and expansion of the iconic Midland Theater on 8th street downtown, which will become the crown jewel of our overall mission. And the third is resurrection of the neighborhoods, encompassing renovation of existing houses, construction of new houses, and general clean-up and beautification.

What is different about this initiative?

Coffeyville enjoys a tradition of community pride and service, and many civic and business organizations have worked hard over the years to improve our town, even in the face of the difficult challenges facing smaller communities in our country. What has happened this time, with Coffeyville’s Reawakening, is that an unusually large group of both current and former residents have joined together to give something back to the community where we were raised. Every significant constituency in town – from the schools to the hospital to the leading businesses and civic organizations – is joining together to work as a single community-wide team to enhance the quality of life and future prospects of our town.

What is the goal?

Our purpose is to reawaken the residents of Coffeyville and the surrounding area to the marvels and great potential of our community. By revitalizing downtown, restoring the Midland, and resurrecting and rebuilding the neighborhoods, we intend to show the entire community that it has a lot to be proud of and does have a bright future. Our success will build on itself – meaning that once people see the community reawakening in positive ways, the scope of community enhancement will expand. People will be more attracted to investing, working, playing, and living in Coffeyville.

How can I get involved?

This is truly a community-wide mission, and everyone in the community is invited to jump on board to help. You may contact Denise York, chair-person of Coffeyville’s Reawakening ( / 620-252-5861), or Candi Westbrook, director of the Chamber of Commerce  ( / 620-251-2550), for information about how to join our team.