Community Garden & Orchard

"The benefits of a community garden extend past
the  gardeners to the neighborhood  and
community  as a whole."  -- Peggy  Steele-Olson
Managing Partner, Baroness Properties

The Opportunity

Historically, community? gardens and orchards supply fresh produce, build neighborhood pride, give a sense of ownership, and provide added curb appeal when managed properly. 

Recently, the 9th Street residents of Coffeyville, Kan. have expressed interest in using empty lots in the neighborhood to grow fresh produce.

The Project

A pilot program has been launched for a community garden and orchard, managed through the Coffeyville Area Community Foundation (CACF), in support of creating a healthier community.

Located on vacant, privately-owned lots on 9th Street, the community garden and orchard are in an area recently designated as an "Opportunity Zone" by the Federal Government, due to the need for increased economic support.

The Plan

Beginning in March 2019, the pilot program commenced by creating 20 plots within? the community garden—to encourage participation, plots, materials, and tools are available at no charge to the community.